Facial Recontouring

At SW1, our expertise in anatomy and the science of beauty allows us to blend different products and techniques to create a totally bespoke treatment plan that can recontour and sculpt your face to enhance and showcase your beautiful and unique features. Our experts will work with you to create the results of your dreams, whether its building a chiselled jawline and strong chin or creating that supermodel-high cheekbone. Your bespoke treatment plan will be designed during your expert consultation and treatment may be done in stages if you prefer.  

At a Glance

Pain Relief
Duration of Treatment
None Required
40-60+ minutes
Recovery time
2-3 days
Mild bruising and swelling (temporary)
Instant, lasts 9-12 months
No strenuous exercise / alcohol / makeup for 24 hours after treatment 


Please note, the exact prices of your treatment will be confirmed during your consultation.


Facial recontouring (mid-face): £1200

Facial recontouring (lower face): £1500

Full facial balancing and beautification packages: £2400

Conditions treated  with fillers

Jawline contouring
Masculinisation treatments
Hand rejuvenation

Before & After