Hand rejuvenation

Beyond our faces the hands can often give away our age through a variety of skin changes including sun damage and a loss of collagen and elastin. The hands can end up looking skeletal, fragile and withered. We can use dermal filler to plump the back of the hands and restore a youthful fullness to the areas between the metacarpals (finger bones in the hands). This creates a softer, smoother and more hydrated appearance helping you wind back the clock and make sure your most important tools are as beautiful as they can be. 

At a Glance

Pain Relief
Duration of Treatment
None Required
40-60 minutes
Recovery time
2-3 days
Mild bruising and swelling (temporary)
Instant, lasts 9-12 months
No strenuous exercise / alcohol / makeup for 24 hours after treatment 


Please note, the exact prices of your treatment will be confirmed during your consultation.

Before & After