Botox ® Treatment

Dr Lara Watson is a trainer and a highly experienced practitioner in the art of cosmetic Botox ® for wrinkle reduction treatment and other indications.

Botox ® injections are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines such as forehead linesfrown lines & crows feet.


Botulinum toxin has been used in hospitals around the UK since 1977 and within the cosmetic industry for over 20 years. It is used in 70 countries and is used on over 4 million patients in the USA alone, every year.


 Botox® was the original product on the market with a large emphasis on safety, with years of data collected from scientific studies and an extensive use in general medicine and surgery. This particular brand of botulinum toxin was first cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1989, making it the first approved form of anti-wrinkle treatment in the world. The product is comprised of a natural and purified protein used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. This injectable treatment can also be used to treat conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), a wide jaw, muscle spasm and a gummy smile.


What is Botox® 

Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum toxin which acts on the nerve endings supplying target muscles. The impact of Botox at these junctions causes the relaxation of the muscles treated which helps prevent the formation of lines and folds (wrinkles) on the overlying skin surface. In this way, we can use Botox® to

eliminate superficial dynamic facial wrinkles and soften the appearance of deep static lines.

Botox and other forms of botulinum toxin such as Azzalure and Bocouture, have been scientifically proven to

be safe and effective for clinical use. The effects of Botox® are temporary, meaning that repeat treatments are generally required (every 3-6 months) to maintain the desired result.



Please note, the indication for treatment and any pricing is only confirmed after a thorough medical consultation.

Upper Face Botox®


ONE AREA: £210



Course x 3: 995



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