Dr Lara Watson is a trainer and a highly experienced practitioner who can use Botox ® injections for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. 

Excessive sweating or ‘hyperhidrosis’ is a common issue that can cause real inconvenience (and social embarrassment!) to those that suffer with it. As Botox® acts on nerve endings which supply sweat glands, treatment can be provided to reduce sweating in the axillae (armpits). Studies have shown that sweating can be reduced by up to 97% and generally speaking clients experience satisfactory results for up to 6 months after treatment. 


This treatment can also be performed to treat the palms of the hands, although for this a special anaesthetic (numbing treatment) is required. 

At a Glance

Pain Relief
Duration of Treatment
Onset time
None Required
30-40 minutes
7 days
upto 6 months
No strenuous exercise / alcohol / makeup for 24 hours after treatment 


Please note, the exact prices of your treatment will be confirmed during your consultation.


Hyperhidrosis: £600

Palmer hyperhidrosis: 650

Botox and other forms of botulinum toxin such as Azzalure and Bocouture, have been scientifically proven to

be safe and effective for clinical use. The effects of Botox® are temporary meaning that repeat treatments are

generally required (every 4-6 months) to maintain the desired result.

Before & After