Dr Lara Watson is a trainer and a highly experienced gentle practitioner 

What are  f illers

Dermal fillers are soft and flexible gels which can be used to rehydrate, revolumise and refresh as well as

define, contour and sculpt the face. They are usually introduced into the skin via a fine needle (or

microcanulla) and added to the desired area in controlled increments.

As we age, the skin undergoes a variety of changes including loss of the important structural proteins collagen and elastin. Combined with a general thinning of the skin and the gravitational descent of facial tissues, the cardinal signs of ageing arise including the development of lines and wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume and definition and changes to facial proportion.


Dermal fillers help to reverse this process by restoring and lifting volume within the face and stimulating the production of new collagen, improving firmness and texture of the skin. In addition, the dermal fillers used at SW1 attract water meaning they are wonderful hydrators. The result? A smoother and more hydrated appearance and a healthy and radiant glow.


What results can I expect 

Our clients love their dermal filler treatment results and we do too! Often, our clients feel that they look

refreshed, happier and healthier after treatment.


The skin generally benefits from a smoother and more hydrated surface finish and enhanced radiance. Depending on the type of treatment performed, results can range from the elimination of stubborn lines and wrinkles to looking 10 years younger overnight. For other clients, we are proud to celebrate a beautiful lip enhancement or the creation of a brand-new jawline.

Preliminary results can be seen immediately after dermal filler treatment as the gels provide instant

volumisation. Over the coming days-weeks, the gels hydrate as HA attracts water, restoring further subtle

volume and creating a smoother and firmer appearance of the skin. Any bruising, swelling or redness is usually completely resolved within 2 weeks after treatment.


Depending on the type of gel used and the area treated, results can last from 9-24 months.

You will be invited to a follow up appointment to review your results and discuss your ongoing treatment plan.


Dermal Fillers are used for;

  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles 

  • Lip enhancement

  • Rehydrate and smoothen the skin

  • Facial recontouring including cheek enhancement and jawline enhancement

  • Reduce the appearance of other signs of ageing such as the jowls

  • Profile balancing (disguising a weak chin, for example)

  • Restore femininity to a face

  • Masculinisation treatments (lower facial sculpting, for example) 

Types of Fillers 

The dermal fillers used at SW1 represent the leading products available on today’s market including the

Galderma Restylane range and the Vycross range by Allergan. These gels are composed of complexes based on

Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occurring constituent of our skin. This allows the gels to blend easily

into the skin and underlying tissues with minimal risk of adverse reactions. In this way, our dermal filler

treatments provide the beautiful enhancement you are looking for whilst ensuring an excellent safety profile.



Individual treatment pricing based on the standard product choice and number of syringes required for that intervention. Additional syringes will be charged on top of this basic rate

Temporal hollows:                                  £600                  Tear trough correction:                         £480+


Cheek enhancement:                             £420                   Lip enhancement:                                 £400+


NLFs / marionette lines:                        £380+.                Jawline enhancement:                          £600+


Chin augmentation:                                £420+                 Profile correction:                                   £420+


Peri-oral lines:                                           £320+              Other lower facial filler:                        £360+


Hand rejuvenation:                                 £420+          


Facial recontouring (midface):             From £1200 


Facial recontouring (lower face):         From £1500


Full facial balancing and beautification packages:         From £2400


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