Chin Augmentation

AIn terms of aesthetics, the chin is perhaps the most under-rated feature on our face. This pinnacle structure defines facial proportions as well as our appearance in profile (side-view). Dermal fillers can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the overall aesthetics of the face through chin augmentation. Clients often undergo this treatment to sculpt and contour the lower face which also helps enhance definition along the jawline. A chin enhancement can also be used to correct the alignment of the face in profile, disguising an overbite or ‘weak chin’. Other clients may seek chin enhancement to combat the signs of ageing, restoring height to the lower third of the face and tightening the skin across the jawline with the impact of a lower facelift. 

At a Glance

Pain Relief
Duration of Treatment
None Required
30-40 minutes
Recovery time
2-3 days
Mild bruising and swelling (temporary)
Instant, lasts 9-12 months
No strenuous exercise / alcohol / makeup for 24 hours after treatment 


Please note, the exact prices of your treatment will be confirmed during your consultation.


Chin Augmentation: £420

Conditions treated  with fillers

Jawline contouring
Masculinisation treatments
Hand rejuvenation

Before & After